MaxProcure P2P Vendor Portal™

The MaxProcure Vendor Portal™ was designed from the ground up to streamline and automate the Procure-to-Pay process in Maximo, delivering proven significant business benefits and ROI for your organization.

MaxProcure has been automating the flow of RFQs, POs, and Invoices between Maximo organizations and their vendors every day since 2018, and processes thousands of transactions daily. All hands-free for Maximo users!


    • The MaxProcure Vendor Portal can be used for all Maximo procurement flows, or for selected functions to align with your business such as:


        • Vendor RFQ Portal

        • Vendor PO Portal

        • Vendor Invoicing Portal

    • The Vendor Portal is also a bi-directional document share with your vendors using Maximo’s Attached Documents,
      and automatically provides the vendor with your customized Purchase Order report from Maximo.

    • Purpose built for Maximo, using the Maximo REST API.

    • There is no software to install. You can begin using the Portal with your Maximo system in 1 hour.

    • Automatic Vendor Enrollment. Simply issue RFQs and POs to your vendors in Maximo, or grant access via Maximo’s Company Contacts screen.

    • The MaxProcure Vendor Portal is an affordable monthly subscription service with no setup cost. Cancel anytime if it’s not adding tremendous value to your organization.

– Works with Maximo 7.6 or MAS
– Works with any vendor/supplier

You can use the MaxProcure Vendor Portal for any or all of the following, enabling you to add value
to any procurement process you carry out in Maximo:

Use another system to place your POs?

Contact us to learn how other Maximo
organizations are using the Vendor Portal
to add significant business benefit and
cost savings by automating targeted
parts of the P2P process, such as
hands-free price quotes for accurate
PRs and invoice entry without rekeying!

Quoting (RFQs)


    • Enable Maximo to send out vendor quote requests automatically.

    • MaxProcure can even auto-create RFQs for your approved PRs so you don’t have to.

    • Stop fielding and rekeying returned vendor quotes.

    • Reduce your costs via competitive bidding with no extra effort.

    • Know that vendors received your RFQ without having to ask them.

    • Capture vendor delivery dates in Maximo.

    • Get fast and accurate pricing and parts identification for your orders.

Ordering (POs)


    • Stop sending out POs manually via email.

    • Stop having to follow up with vendors to confirm orders.

    • Get vendor delivery dates so you can plan maintenance better.

    • Place orders faster.

    • Negotiate POs with Vendors.

Accounts Payable (Invoice Entry)


    • Stop getting invoices in email and keying them into Maximo. Get them in Maximo automatically.

    • Allow vendors to include associated documents to support their invoice and have a record of these on your Maximo invoice.

    • Give your vendors an easy way to see all of the invoices you have in Maximo for their PO along with current status, so they stop asking you for updates.