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Vendor Catalog Shopping from Maximo PR/PO

RFQ to Vendor

Vendor Prices into Maximo

Vendor Price Contracts into Maximo

PO to Vendor

Vendor Order Acknowledgement into Maximo

Vendor Order Delivery Dates or ASN into Maximo

Vendor First Viewed Date Tracked for PO/RFQ

2-way Sharing of Documents with  Vendor

Vendor Invoices into Maximo

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Licensing Method

Payment Method


Vendor Portal

High impact supply chain automation to place POs and get prices, ship dates, and invoices directly from your vendors.

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Web Service

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Monthly Subscription Fee

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PunchOut Ordering

Find the right parts easily using online vendor catalogs from Amazon, Ariba, Grainger, and others, and place orders electronically.

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Maximo Software Plug In

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One Time Payment

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