MaxProcure® Punchout Catalog Shopping™

The MaxProcure Universal Punchout Adapter empowers your Maximo users to:

  • Find Parts Quickly
  • Check Part Availability
  • Compare Vendor Pricing
  • Create Accurate Maximo Orders
  • Transmit POs Electronically

This cost effective and high-ROI Maximo plug-in enables anyone who requisitions materials in Maximo to jump to vendor catalogs that are available either directly from the vendor, such as Grainger, Graybar, FW Webb, Ferguson, Motion, Staples, Wesco or any other vendors you use. You can also connect Maximo to e-commerce marketplaces or aggregation platforms that host vendor catalogs such as Varis, Amazon, Vroozi, Ariba, and any others.

Items in your returned cart create Requisition Lines (and match to your Item Master based on configurable rules). And for fully catalog-sourced POs, Maximo can even transmit the PO electronically to the vendor and store instant acknowledgment on your PO record.

Benefits Include:


– Maximo 7.6, Maximo MAS

– Designed to work with any target e-commerce
platform or supplier that supports the cXML
(Commerce XML) communication standard.
  • More Productive Requisitioners & Buyers : Faster Procurement Cycle Time
  • More Accurate Orders: Accurate Vendor Pricing and Item Identification – Less Order Rework!
  • Better User Experience: Online Search & Shop Experience
  • Improved Efficiency: Place Orders Electronically & Get Immediate Receipt Confirmation