Maximo – Sage Intacct Integration

Streamline your accounting operations, free up staff for more value-added work, and achieve cost savings with automatic data flows between Maximo and your Sage Intacct system. Our proven turnkey integration between Maximo and Sage Intacct has been adding value for Maximo organizations since 2019.

– Maximo 7.5
– Maximo 7.6
– Maximo MAS 8.x

Features & Benefits:

  • Send invoices to Intacct when they are approved in Maximo to automate vendor payment efficiently and accurately.
  • Dynamically validate GL and Project Codes against your Sage Intacct system at time of invoice approval so the Maximo user can address issues upfront.
  • Automatically transmit Maximo vendor additions or changes to Intacct so the two systems remain in sync.
  • Option to share other data such as RBNI (Received But Not Invoiced) summary transactions and Storeroom Inventory summary costs.
  • Use a Maximo application to review interface results, make adjustments, and resend records as needed.