MaxProcure Screenshots

Request for Quote (RFQ) Process

After you create your Maximo RFQ and add all the vendors that you want to provide competitive pricing, change the RFQ status in Maximo to “Approved” or “Dispatched”.

The RFQ is then available for vendors to review in MaxProcure and each vendor contact is notified:


By clicking the link in the email, each vendor can now very easily and very quickly provide you with their best quotation price.  Clicking the “Submit Final Quote” button sends the quotation line prices back to your Maximo RFQ.  There you can compare vendor quotations using standard Maximo functionality and award the RFQ line(s) to vendors, creating an accurate PO automatically from the vendor quotation.


Vendors can also view a list of all open RFQ’s waiting for them to price in MaxProcure (from your company as well as any others who have sent them RFQ’s):



When your RFQ Reply Date arrives, you would follow the normal Maximo process to review the prices provided by vendors and award the RFQ to one or more vendors.  Using Maximo’s “Create PO” button in the RFQ screen allows you to automatically create the PO for the winning vendor(s) using their provided prices.

Purchase Order (PO) Process

When you change a PO’s status in Maximo to the status you’ve selected as your MaxProcure triggering status (such as “Approved” or “Dispatched”), that PO is transmitted to the vendor by MaxProcure.  The vendor contact person that you specified on your PO receives an email to let them  know you’ve issued them the order and the email contains a link for the to view and confirm that order.


Clicking that link takes the vendor to the order you’ve issued to them.  There they can provide a delivery date and confirm receipt of the order.  This response is then visible on your PO in Maximo to facilitate maintenance planning.


Vendors can also view a list of all open PO’s waiting for them to confirm in MaxProcure (from your company as well as any others who have sent them orders):


Invoice Process

Vendors can create and submit invoices to you for orders you’ve placed with them.  They can do this very quickly on the Order web page by selecting the lines to invoice and clicking the “Build Invoice” button.  A final confirmation screen lets them review their invoice, edit the quantity to invoice, and add any non-order lines.


When the vendor submits an invoice in MaxProcure, it’s just like dropping a paper or PDF invoice in the mail to you, except the invoice is sent directly to your Maximo system so you will will no longer have to waste time rekeying vendor invoices into Maximo.

The invoices appear in your Maximo system as new records that are waiting for your review and approval, so this automation does not have any impact on  your Accounts Payable or invoice process other than simply eliminating the non-value-added data entry of vendor invoices and expediting the process.  Your processing of Maximo invoices after the point of data entry remains the same.  You would still approve the invoice as you do today in order to trigger Maximo’s 3-way match, and if you have an invoice workflow routing developed in Maximo that would also work the same as it does today.