MaxProcure® Order Placer™

Tired of wasting time when issuing Purchase Order to your vendors?

Our Order Placer™ plug-in for Maximo lets you simply click a button or make a PO status change to generate and transmit your PO document to your vendor contact.

– Works with Maximo 7.5 or greater

Order Placer takes care of creating the PO PDF document using your company’s custom Purchase Order Details BIRT report, looking up the vendor contact’s email address, and sending the email to the vendor.

Configuration options include:

  • Your Maximo administrator can control how you’d like the email Subject and Body to appear to your vendor.
  • The Maximo user or buyer can be notified if there is a problem, such as a missing or invalid email address, when transmitting their PO to the vendor contact.
  • The PO record in Maximo can be updated to show whether the PO document was sent to the vendor, such as by populating a field on the PO screen or a PO status change to a custom status like “SENT”.
  • Support for sending Maximo Attached Documents with the PO document also.