Vendor Welcome

Congratulations, you’ve been sent a Purchase Order (PO) or Request For Quotation (RFQ) directly from your customer’s system — this means that you are a valued supplier to your customer!

Follow the instructions in your welcome email from MaxProcure to complete the setup process and pick your password.   Once you’re setup you’ll be able to click the link in emails from MaxProcure to jump directly to a PO or RFQ that has been issued to you.

There are three things your customer may want you to provide using the MaxProcure web portal:

1. Respond to RFQs

If your customer uses RFQs to collect price quotes, they may send you an RFQ for materials or services that you provide and ask you to enter your price.

1424686602_timer-48Time to complete: About 1 minute for a typical RFQ with 5 lines.

2. Confirm Purchase Orders

Your customer may transmit new POs to you using the MaxProcure service.  Your customer wants you to acknowledge or confirm the order and, when possible, provide an estimated delivery date.

1424686602_timer-48Time to complete: About 30 seconds to enter a delivery date and confirm the order.

3. Submit Your Invoices For Purchase Orders

If you receive a PO from your customer in MaxProcure, your customer wants you to enter your invoice for the order line(s) when it’s time for the customer to pay you.

1424686602_timer-48Time to complete: About 1 minute and 30 seconds to invoice for a typical PO with 5 lines.

Please click here to see screenshots showing these operations.